Wednesday, March 2, 2011



                 Life has become an accelerated pace that no one human being could keep up with. Everything is about fast. Fast cars, fast foods, fast computers, etc…. Every time we blink it is time to adjust our lives to the changes. Parents are working harder and longer just to survive. When do we get to slow down and smell the roses? What ever happened to the good old June Cleaver days? Life seemed so simple then. June was so organized and relaxed, always had time to make dinner, clean house, and spend time with the family. I don’t want to be her I just want her life uncomplicated and effortless. Anyone who could clean house in a dress, high heels and pearls is a super mom to me. Although if my husband came home and saw me dressed like that he would have me committed.
            There is no spontaneity in life anymore. Everything has to be scheduled. A family trip takes months to plan so everyone can make room in their agenda just to have fun. Hell even sex has to be planned.  On my last anniversary I planned a great evening to put the romance back in my marriage. I made dinner reservations, my daughter was sleeping at grandmas, and I went out to buy the sexiest nightie I could find. That was nine months ago.  Well life got in the way and needless to say that nightie is tucked away in a drawer with the tags still on it. I am beginning to believe that the only people having sex are on TV or in the movies. It’s been so long for me that my husband will have to draw me a map and clean out the cobwebs.
            Not only are we as parent’s having a hard time staying in the fast lane so are our children. We try to keep them young and innocent but society won’t let us.  They have a lot of pressure to keep up .By the time they are school age they have a full time job of going to school, homework, and maybe an activity or two. Three years old is now the new five, a twelve year old is now the new sixteen. The only funny thing about this is that a fifty year old is the new thirty. Before you know it, we will be theoretically younger than our children.
How do we get out of the fast lane?


  1. Hello to you too! Thanks for stopping by! This post made me laugh--and you're so right! Everything is speeding by way to fast for me some days!

  2. I am not sure if the question is rhetorical, however I have been able to slow down at least the children's aging by homeschooling them. It also clears up some of the rat race by eliminating the homework, the necessity of planned family activities (every day is a planned family activity) and since I don't work, I don't have to balance that as well. We have made a lot of sacrifices to live this way, but unbelievably, it also helps. anyway, it's nice to "meet" you, and thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words!
    God Bless,
    Shellie - OneChristianMom

  3. I hear you! It does get crazy. I guess the trick is to slow down ourselves but since I have not figured this out for myself I am of no help! Thanks for making me laugh. I really enjoy your blog!

    Kathy-My dishwashers Possessed

  4. I sooo totally agree! I don't know how I can even find the time to keep up with a blog! I'm one of your new blogging buddies by the way :)

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  6. What a great post, love the way you write. I had alot of identification with it and I totally agree with how society can make it difficult for us to keep our children young and innocent.
    Thank you.

  7. Oh if you figure it out let me know!
    {And did I already tell you how much I like that picture on your banner? I feel certain it looks like me with shorter, blonder hair ;-)