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            I am sure you have heard of the Tiger Mom, Her kids are being raised to rule the world. She has been seen everywhere from magazines to television. No play dates, television, computer games, not to mention she has psychotically criticized and degraded her kids every chance she gets.  Her kids better do well in life because they have a future in Therapy, their own. Yes I think her kids will have two choices in life, (one) many years of sitting in a therapist’s office wondering why they are so angry, or (two) becoming crack heads. Both very expensive habits.
            Tiger Moms kids are not allowed to whine or complain while mommy dearest bullies them all day. Yet at every given chance that’s all she does. Amy Chua has been all over the media whimpering and complaining that no one understands her and people don’t like her.  Whine, whine, whine! Well all I have to say to her is SHUT UP already. Nobody wants to hear it.
            I truly believe we have to nurture our kids. I always encourage my daughter to follow her passions, try something new, be adventurous. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE, don’t set your standards to others .Our favorite saying is be perfectly imperfect. Perfection is over rated. How are we supposed to learn life’s lessons if we are so obsessed with the idealism of being perfect? Life is to be enjoyed. My favorite quote is from the movie Auntie Mame "Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" - Auntie Mame"
            My child has been nurtured, praised, and yes spoiled at times. She is also a straight A honor student, focused, kind, and liked and respected from her peers and teachers alike. She plays with mindless video games, loves old I Love Lucy shows,goes out with friends, and can text faster than anyone I know. So take that Tiger Mom and give us all a break!

Have no fear of perfection -- you'll never reach it.
Salvador Dali


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  2. It's ridiculous how some parents are with their kids.

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  3. The most frustrating thing about tiger moms....not just that they are jerks to their own kids. But they growl at other mommies! evilness....Euthanasia? Put that inner tiger down baby

  4. Great blog, but I truly love the quote from Patrick Dennis,lol. Nice

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  6. Hi, I'm stopping by again. Glynis...WOW, it is wonderful how involved you are with your nephew and causes for autism, there should be more people like you. And good for your daughter to be involved and caring as well, it is beautiful! So glad you came by my blog:)and I will be sure to stop by and vent every now and than! Your follower,

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  8. Ugh. Tiger moms are gross. New follower from MBC!

  9. Um, I am a product of a Tiger Mom and was blessed to be in a loving family, despite the rigidness. And I never experimented with drugs, smoked, made straight As, went to a top-notch college... So it doesn't bother me what Amy wrote in her article. But to each his own.

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