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            The Usry family in Dallas is getting a made in America makeover. As consumer’s they thought that they were buying products made in the USA but after ABC News went through their house and took a closer look they were wrong. All products not made in the states were removed from the home. The Usry family was left with a kitchen sink and a vase. ABC replaced almost everything with items bought in the states. The couches came from North Carolina, carpets from Georgia, a mirror from Mississippi, their TV was replaced by a painting, and they made one-exception light bulbs. Light bulbs are not manufactured in the U.S so without this exclusion they would be sitting in the dark.
            With so many things outsourced these days it’s surprising that anyone has a job these days. How are we supposed to support our economy if we can’t find domestic products to buy? Only the rich can afford to buy all American products. Between travel and shipping costs you could have decorated your house and taken that dream vacation you always wanted. When I think of the Ford Motor Company I think all American. It was founded in 1903 in Detroit Michigan, it has a history, its part of us. Then I found out that the Ford Fusion is assembled in Mexico. Toyota a Japanese company has the Camry and eighty per cent of its parts are made in the US.  Ford has spent many years moving its plants out of the country while Toyota has been building more and more plants here. Toyota showed large profits while Ford did not. The Japanese brands have become more indigenous to the US than our own brands..
            Maybe we can save the country some money by outsourcing the Presidents job. Our tax dollars pay for Air Force One. This plane is bigger than my house! It has 4,000
square feet on three different levels. A medical suite that can function as an operating room doctor included. Can you imagine what he pays for the house call alone? The kitchen can accommodate dinner for 100 people.  Then there is Camp David the Presidents country retreat. It’s supposed to be a working vacation so why does he need 180 acres of forested land, 150 naval personnel, heated pool, tennis courts, skeet shooting, horseback riding. It has more to offer than a five star resort. This is also one of the most secure facilities in the world. What about our security? Don’t we matter? Our President always travels and dresses in first class style. Even ex presidents get a very generous pension with lots of perks. They don’t even have to pay for postage, which must come in handy at Christmas time. The money we would save just on their fringe benefits would help get us out of debt. I am sure there is someone in India that could do the job for much less.

Random thoughts:
If Hollywood were outsourced would we be reading subtitles?
If we really want to keep our jobs will we have to take a pay cut and get a passport?
Are we going to outsource ourselves right out of a country?


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  3. Very well said!!

    Why is it that I a "middle class" American has to go grocery shopping with a boat load of coupons, buy my Son's b-day gift with a $10 off coupon from JC Penny and ask the lady at Bed, Bath and Beyond "are you sure I can't use a 20% and a $5 Off Coupon together".

    If the President wants "his" country behind him then I agree there should be some MAJOR cut backs!

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  13. Oh my! Yes, we never truly realize where our stuff comes from because although it may be assembled here, it's parts may have been manufactured elsewhere. I have a hard time finding "made in america" stickers on any products these days.
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  21. New follower here too from A Little Nosh ( An issue I always run into is at the grocery store. I try not to buy produce that wasn't grown in the US (except bananas), and even more I try to get apples and such from New York rather than California, since I live on the east coast. Keeping the dollars closer to home, and helping the planet by lessening the travel for fruits and veggies. But it's really hard sometimes!